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Pinned Article FAQ for AskIT Portal update

This FAQ answers some questions about the update to the AskIT portal.

Access to Brightspace course after course completion

Brightspace course material is generally only available for one week after the last final exam. More information can be found in the FAQ here: https://iweb.langara.bc.ca/lts/faq/

Class not showing in Brightspace

Determine if anyone else can see the course, and check with your instructor if necessary.

Create a redirect on the Langara website

Contact Communications and Marketing and they will use a special form to create the redirect.

Error uploading files on BrightSpace

Check that the name of the file does not contain any illegal characters, that the file is less than 1 GB in size, and that the uploading location is not OneDrive.

Login to Cascade server(CMS)

Use your Computer User ID and password to log into Cascade server

Login to LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning can be access through Single Sign-On login

Report problem with Langara website

Report the problem to the appropriate party to have the information updated.

Using the updated Langara AskIT portal

Learn how to use the features of the newly-updated Langara AskIT Portal