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Accounts and Access

Information about your Langara accounts, including campus access, access to administrative and business applications, requesting shared or 3rd party accounts, and more.

Computers, Devices, and Accessories

Request equipment and support for Langara-issued devices and related peripherals. Includes desktop and mobile device support, audio visual equipment loans.

Cybersecurity and Safe Computing

Learn about our IT security policies, data integrity and compliance; report viruses, malware, or email phishing.

Email, Calendar, and Messaging

Get support for your email, calendar, instant messaging, and related services such as distribution lists, resource calendars, or shared mailboxes.

Enterprise Services

Get support for ERP systems and software, including Workday, TDx and CRM.

File Sharing and Backups

Shared and personal network drives and cloud storage, such as OneDrive, myFiles, SharePoint, etc.

Network and Wireless Connectivity

Gain access to the wired and wireless networks, help with remote access, or request a new network service activation.

Printing and Scanning

Get answers to questions or help with issues with printing or scanning on Langara campuses.

Software and Applications

Request a download or troubleshooting with site-licensed or hosted software and applications, such as Adobe CC or student information systems, or get IT help in purchasing and installing non-site-licensed software or applications.

Teaching, Learning, and Classroom/Lab Support

Get help with LMS, including setting up new courses; report issues or request assistance in any of our classrooms or computer labs; request new software installations in the computer labs.

Telephone and Voicemail

Request activations, changes, or repairs to a phone or fax line, including voicemail, setting up call-forwarding, or call trees. Additionally, request a cell phone or new/modified data plans.

Web Services

Request iWeb or CourseWeb sites, or get assistance with any of the web-hosted content at our institution such as Cascade, Brightspace and SurveyMonkey.

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General Technical Support

Not sure what you're looking for and need a desktop support technician to come to your aid? We're here to help!

Can't log in to AskIT Portal

If you can't login to the AskIT Portal, you can submit your issue using this service.