Activate your Computer User ID (students)


All students must activate their Computer User ID (CUID) prior to being able to use computers on campus, access email or connect to Wi-Fi.

Your Computer User ID (CUID) allows you to access the following:

  • Computers on campus
  • myFiles (off-campus file access)
  • Logging into Ricoh printers

TIP: If you have already activated your account and just need to change your password or have forgotten your password please see: Change Computer User ID password or Forgot Computer User ID password


  1. Open a web browser and navigate to the Langara website
  2. Click the Log in button at the top right corner
  3. Click Student Information System
  4. Log in using your nine-digit Langara ID and password
  5. Once logged in, select Change Login Profile on the top menu
  6. Select Maintain Computer User ID
    • If you are in Regular Studies, select Maintain Computer User ID - Regular Studies
    • If you are in Continuing Studies, select Maintain Computer User ID - Continuing Studies
  7. Note your CUID and non-Langara email address--both will be needed to complete activation
    • Your Computer User ID is listed under User ID
    • Your activation information will be sent to the non-Langara email address you provided the college
      • If you need to change your non-Langara email address please see the Related Articles for instructions on how to do so
  8. Select ACTIVATE new account
  9. When prompted, enter your Computer User ID shown in Step 5 and click Activate
  10. Check your non-Langara email address shown in Step 5 for an email titled Activation Verification from
  11. Select the click here link within the activation email
  12. Select Continue
  13. Enter a new password that meets the listed password requirements
  14. Select Change Password

When the password is ready you will be taken to a page that states Your password has been changed successfully.

You may click the Continue button or simply close the tab/browser.

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Computer User ID (CUID)
Student Information System (SIS)

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