Using the updated Langara AskIT portal

Welcome to the Langara AskIT portal. Here are some answers to questions you might have about how to find information and make use of our services. 

Need a quick answer?

Search solutions to common issues at the top-right corner.  

IT has made many support articles available for viewing in the Knowledge Base with new articles being added all the time.  

How do I submit a ticket?

There are two ways to submit a ticket:

  1. Selecting a specific service from the IT Service Catalog 
  2. Submitting a General Technical Support request if there is no appropriate service available 

TIP: Your request will get handled faster if you choose the appropriate service! Can’t find a service? Do a search at the top-right corner.

How do I view my tickets? 

Click the View Your Tickets button on the left of the AskIT Home page. 

How do I update my ticket?

In addition to responding to the email notifications you will receive when submitting and updating a ticket you can log in to the portal and comment directly on a ticket from your list of active tickets 

Can I add other people to a ticket? 

Yes! Anyone added can view and will receive notifications on the ticket. 

 When submitting a new ticket:

  • Look for Additional Contacts filed under the Requestor Information section and add anyone you want by including their email address
    • TIP: Don’t see the person you’re looking for? Hit the magnifying glass and it will open a new window to display all available contacts instead of the top 5

When the ticket is already created:

  • Ask the IT technician to add any additional contacts by leaving a comment in the AskIT Portal

How do I attach files to a ticket?

There are a few different ways, depending on the way you submit the ticket and the status of the ticket: 

  • For a new ticket in the AskIT portal, use the Attachment option at the bottom of the form to browse to and attach files 
  • When viewing your existing ticket in the AskIT portal, click the Add Attachment button at the top or the + symbol in the Attachments section on the right
  • If replying to a ticket by email, use the Attach or Attach File option in Outlook--don't include the attachment in the body of the email as it will get stripped out 

What if I am having trouble logging in to the Portal?

If you cannot log in to the AskIT Portal then you can get help by:


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This FAQ answers some questions about the update to the AskIT portal.