FAQ for AskIT update


Why is the change happening?

The update to AskIT will allow you to access IT resources in one convenient portal, while providing more transparency on where your ticket is at, any major incidents affecting the College, and what IT is working on

When is this change happening?

August 3, 2021

What does the new AskIT include?

You will be able to view the new IT Service Catalog and submit service requests, view a new AskIT Knowledge Base with helpful articles and self-service options, view incident/outage notices, start chat support or submit a general request.

The new Ask IT will let you:

  • View the new Service Catalog (services have a streamlined workflow)
    • Submit requests for services (eg. request a new laptop, request to reset your Langara ID password, etc.)
  • View the new AskIT Knowledge Base
  • View incident/outage notices
  • Start chat support
  • Submit general requests (eg. request technical support)
  • View your tickets and their latest updates
  • Access the Workday support request form

How do I contact IT after this change?

You will still be able to contact IT using these channels:

  • If it’s not an emergency, submit a ticket using the convenient new AskIT portal!
  • If there is an emergency affecting– call 5999 – No change
    • MEEC = in progress Meeting, Exam, Event, or Class
  • If there is an emergency not affecting MEEC – Speak to a technician via Chat Support – No change
  • When we’re back on campus, the Service Desk will be back at our location at the entrance to the Library  

What’s happening to ithelp@langara.ca?

As part of the transition to the new portal, submission through direct email will be discontinued. Email submission is a significant source of delay for responding to and resolving of tickets and discontinuing it is a key improvement with the move.

How do I submit a ticket?

  • For the fastest response time, please take a look through the service catalog and see if your request matches any of the offered services; these will go immediately to the correct team for action (you must be logged in to use service request forms).
  • If none of the service requests fit your needs, you can submit your request using the general request form and a technician will respond as soon as possible (you do not need to log in to submit a general request).

For how to use the new AskIT portal check out the article in Related Articles

How do I access my tickets?

Log in to the AskIT portal using your O365 account and password. This service requires 2-factor authentication.

When is email submission going away?

Email submission (ithelp@langara.ca) will be disabled on September 30th, 2021

Can I see my tickets in the new AskIT portal?

Yes, you can view any active tickets as well as your ticket history

Can I check the status of my ticket?

Yes, when you log in you will see the latest status. You can also click on a ticket to see all notes and communications with IT

How do I update a ticket?

In addition to responding to the email notifications you will receive when submitting and updating a ticket you can log in to the portal and comment directly on a ticket from your list of active tickets

Can I see the history of all the tickets I submitted prior to the update to the new AskIT portal on Aug 3, 2021?

Unfortunately, no. The new system is not compatible with the old one and migration of old ticket data is not possible. Following August 3, 2021, if you wish to enquire about an old ticket please submit a General Support Request and reference the old ticket ID number so that a technician can get in touch with you regarding that old ticket.


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