Error uploading files on BrightSpace


Some courses require students to upload assignment files into a drop box in BrightSpace.

Solution (If appropriate)

NOTE: Brightspace has an upload size limit of 1 GB per assignment

Make sure the name of the file does not include any illegal characters.  For example the file name may not include punctuation or characters such as: "/", "?", "*", "/",  ":", "\", "|"

If the file name is too long, try changing it to something shorter and upload again.

NOTE: Do not attempt to upload an assignment from OneDrive as you will encounter an error message. Copy the file to your computer, and then upload the file directly. OneDrive is available but not supported by the college.


File cannot be uploaded into BrightSpace assignment drop box.

Error Code

Oops, your file could not be uploaded.

Cause (If Known)

  • Illegal characters in the file name
  • File name is too long
  • OneDrive not supported as an upload location


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