Connect to Wi-Fi on Windows laptop or tablet


The eduroam network is used for WiFi access at Langara, for both students and employees.

CAUTION: eduroam WiFi will not work on Windows phones


Connect your Windows laptop or tablet to eduroam by following these steps.

  1. Click the Internet access icon in the system tray to see a list of networks
  2. Select Langara in the list of networks and click the Connect button
    • Do not put a check in Connect Automatically
  3. After connecting, your default web browser will open and automatically go to the User Identification Portal
  4. Enter your Computer User ID and password, then click the Login button
  5. Your browser should automatically redirect to
    • If this does not happen, open a browser and enter in the the address bar
  6. Click on the JoinNow button
  7. If prompted, save the file WiFi_langara_College_Wrapper.exe
  8. Once the download is complete, open or run WiFi_langara_College_Wrapper.exe
    • If prompted to allow the program to make changes, click the Yes button
  9. A JoinNow dialog box will appear. Enter your Langara email address (example: and your Computer User ID (CUID) password, then click Next
  10. After authenticating your username and password, the Cancel button will change to Done. Click Done to complete your Wi-Fi setup

eduroam should now show as Connected in the list of Networks.

NOTE: If an error message appears, follow the instructions, update your device's network driver or verify the password by logging into a computer on campus

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