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Added Internet Explorer 11 Compatibility to Microsoft Edge

How to enable Internet Explorer compatibility to MS Edge

Applications available in Langara Apple Self Service

A list of applications that are available in the Self Service application on Mac's at Langara College

Citrix Windows 10 software list

Citrix provides different desktops with different set of software.

Clear cookies and cache in web browser

Clearing the cache and cookies in your web browser can resolve some issues with sites not loading or working correctly.

Enable Preview pane

Click on Preview pane under View tab

Excel features greyed out when editing file in J: Drive

In the Review tab, that can be found in the top menu of Excel, disable workbook sharing by pressing Unshare Workbook.

Get Adobe CC or Adobe DC for your home computer

IT can provide employees access to Adobe CC or Adobe DC on their home computers. Some courses also provide students with a license to run Adobe CC on home computers.

Incorrect Office 365 language setting

The language settings can be controlled through your browser settings, or through Office 365 settings.

Install and use Kaltura Capture

Instructions for installing and using Kaltura Capture, in both PDF and video form.

Install Microsoft Teams

Install Microsoft Teams through Software Center.

Install MiVoice Business Console switchboard software

Walk through of switchboard configuration wizard.

Installing Titanium Software

Titanium is available to the Counseling department. Shortcut be created from J:\Counselling\Titanium Scheduler\TitaniumApplication\Ti10.exe

Licensing problem in Citrix

Submit a ticket and provide the name of the Software with the licensing issue.

Mac Lab Software

List of available software and versions in the Mac Labs on campus.

MS Office error "Sorry, another account from your organization is already signed in on this computer"

Error is shown when trying to open any office program if Outlook was opened and setup with a shared generic email account without activating

New Teams FAQ

Answers to some common questions regarding the New Teams client from Microsoft

Outlook email stuck in Outbox folder

Disable the Adobe Document Cloud add-in within Outlook.

PDF file will not load

Open the PDF file in a non-browser application to load the content

Request a font

Submit your font request using the Ask IT form

Request official college fonts

Submit your request for official college fonts using the Ask IT form and include your name and department

Set default PDF program in Windows 10

Change the file settings through File Explorer

Software and Product Lists

Information on the currently available software and products.

Software, Product, and Project Request Process

Detailed diagrams documenting the software, product, and project request workflow.

Student Access to Adobe CC

Students can use Adobe CC in Mac labs and few PC lab. Some students are provided with Adobe CC license that can be used at home or in Citrix environment.

This site can't be reached. took too long to respond

How to re-establish connection to Banner INB when the timed out error appears.

Your mailbox has reached its maximum size limit

How to fix the error caused by an Outlook profile being too large.