Student Access to Adobe CC

On campus access with free Adobe ID

All students can use Adobe CC in the following labs with free Adobe ID:

  • All Mac Labs
  • A219, A218a, A364 lab

Please see following steps on how to Create Adobe ID.

NOTE: Citrix PC labs will not work with Adobe ID. 


On-Campus and Off-Campus access with assigned Adobe ID License 

Some courses will provide students with Adobe CC license. Students in these courses can use Adobe CC:

  • On personal computer (including from home)
  • All computer labs (including Citrix)

Following courses will provide students with Adobe CC license:

NOTE: Not all sections of the courses below might have access to Adobe. Please check with the instructor if you suppose to have access to Adobe. 

Courses with Adobe CC license

For additional courses to be added, instructors need to submit a request to IT to assess the request and budgeting needs. 

See following on how to install and login to Adobe CC at home


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