Get Adobe CC or Adobe DC for your home computer


CAUTION: Only some specific courses will continue to provide Adobe CC license to their students.

Langara provides two options to use Adobe off campus for people who need Adobe for work or studies. Both options require an Adobe license. These options are available only to employees or students who were provided with Adobe.

  • Option 1: Connect to Citrix at home
  • Option 2: Install Adobe on a home computer. 


Step 1 - Request Adobe license to use Adobe off campus

  • Employees: 
    • Submit a ticket to IT requesting Adobe license
      • Specify if you need Adobe DC Pro or Adobe CC
  • Students: 
    • Only some courses will provide students with access to install Adobe CC at home.
      • See following for more information see Related Articles
        • Please log in to knowledge base with your email to see the article above

Step 2 - Choose and option to access Adobe software.

Option 1: Connect to Citrix at home  

  • See the related article for steps

Option 2: Install Adobe on home computer

  1. Go to Creative Cloud website
  2. Enter your Langara email address
  3. If prompted, select Company or School Account
    • NOTE: If you already have an Adobe ID associated with your email address, you will now have two accounts. Your old account can still be accessed by selecting the Personal Account option. The new account will be under Company or School Account. 
  4. Enter your email password and approve the sign-in with 2FA
  5. You can now download Adobe Applications

CAUTION: If you see a trial prompt when signing in to Acrobat DC, see the following instructions from Adobe on how to fix this. 


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