Accounts and Access

Information about your Langara accounts, including campus access, access to administrative and business applications, requesting shared or 3rd party accounts, and more.

Services (14)

Banner Access Request

This service is used by authorized access requestors to make any banner-related staff access requests for specific positions.

For example, RES can request staff access for their own teams, CS teams, AR users, and instructional departments.

Bulk Email Request

Bulk emails are official distribution emails sent to specific groups for the purpose of providing information and engagement. Sample groups - Students(RS/CS), Staff, CUPE, LFA, Student Union.

Can't log in to AskIT Portal

If you can't login to the AskIT Portal, you can submit your issue using this service.

CS Manual Instructor Association for Project Management

Normally, group ownership of shared folders is controlled by the registration and assignment in Banner. In rare circumstances, ownership of shared folders must be assigned manually. Use this service for such requests.

Folder Access Request

This service provides read-only or read/write access to existing network drive folders for specified users.

Guest Wi-Fi Access

The College provides Wi-Fi Internet access across the campus. Use this service to provide visitors/contractors with Wi-Fi Internet access.

Login Help

Get help with your Computer User ID, Office 365 Email, or Langara ID

Merge ID Request

When multiple Banner or Workday IDs exist for an individual, a request can be made to IT to make one primary ID for usage and delete all other associated IDs.

Recover Student-Worker Data

Supervisors and Managers may request the data of ex-employees turned students be recovered and restored to a new email box.

Reset Computer User ID (CUID) Password

This service helps you to reset your Computer User ID and email password.

Reset Langara ID Password

If you are unable to login to the Student Information System (Students) or Banner (Employees) this article provides options.

Student ID Card (Photo ID and Clinical Badge)

Apply for a new or replacement student ID card and request a clinical badge if you are in a qualifying program.

Third-Party Worker Access Request

Third-party workers are those who are employed by contracting companies that provide various essential services on campus. If you're a Langara manager, use this service to request access to various IT resources for these workers.

General Accounts Support

If you don't find what you are looking for, please submit a General Accounts Support ticket.