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Services or Offerings?
This service allows instructors to request Adobe software for student use off campus or Citrix Lab.

Various AV and IT equipment is available for loan from the C265 AV office. Use this service to book your equipment. Please note that submission of the booking form does not guarantee access to equipment, as equipment is subject to availability.

This service is used by authorized access requestors to make any banner-related staff access requests for specific positions.

For example, RES can request staff access for their own teams, CS teams, AR users, and instructional departments.

Use this service for any banner-related requests which currently do not fall under the available services in the Service Catalog

This service allows EdTech, the Library or other departments to synchronize enrollments in a Banner section to a course offering in Brightspace.

Bulk emails are official distribution emails sent to specific groups for the purpose of providing information and engagement. Sample groups - Students(RS/CS), Staff, CUPE, LFA, Student Union.

If you can't login to the AskIT Portal, you can submit your issue using this service.

Instructional spaces at Langara are equipped with audio visual and IT equipment to help facilitate a wide variety of academic activities. If you encounter any issues with the audio visual and computing equipment in classrooms, labs, or lecture theatres, you can use this service to request support.

Normally, group ownership of shared folders is controlled by the registration and assignment in Banner. In rare circumstances, ownership of shared folders must be assigned manually. Use this service for such requests.

Banner data requests based on business requirements.

Looking to add/remove/change phones, extensions or ACD queues, look here.

In accordance with Langara College policy B1007 - Emeritus/Emerita Designation, retired employees designated Emeritus/Emerita can request to resume the use of their email account address. Use this service to request the creation or removal of an account.

Adobe software is available to be installed on Langara owned machines upon request.

This service provides read-only or read/write access to existing network drive folders for specified users.

Two-factor authentication is a method to confirm a user's identity only after they present two pieces of evidence.