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What Is It?

IT provides assistance with activating accounts or resolving login problems.

The following account types are supported by IT:

  • Computer User ID (CUID)
  • Office 365 Email
  • Langara ID

See more information what accounts are used with which systems: Using your different Langara accounts

Please see related articles on how to activate your Computer User ID or reset password.

CAUTION - Students with 2FA issues should go to either the Service Desk or remotesupport.langara.ca. Those submitting tickets will be redirected to these 2 methods of support.

Who Is Eligible to Use It?

Students, Faculty, Staff

How Do I Get It?

We have many methods of support.

IT Support Hours
Support Method Access Via Hours Days Notes
Remote Support   https://remotesupport.langara.ca   8am-8pm / 9am-5pm Mon-Fri / Sat Limited support after 4pm and on Saturday. Response time may be slower.  
Ticket Click the Get Login Help button above 24/7 Mon-Sun While you can submit tickets at any time. We will only be able to work on them during regular office hours: 8am-4pm Mon-Fri
Knowledge Base https://langara.ca/ask-it 24/7 Mon-Sun Where we provide articles for you to help yourself
In Person IT Service Desk in the Library 8am-6pm / 9am-12pm Mon-Fri / Sat  
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The constituents for whom the service is available (e.g., students, faculty, staff).
Students, Faculty, Staff
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Student Registration Activity or Active Employment
Requesting the Service
Instructions for requesting the service (e.g., a link to a request form or contact information).
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Get help with your Computer User ID, Office 365 Email, or Langara ID