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Pinned Article FAQ for desktop to laptop shift

Everything you need to know about the College's shift from desktops to laptops.

Connect to Citrix environment through browser

Steps on accessing Citrix remotely from a web browser

Get new non-standard keyboard or mouse

Employees can buy a non-standard keyboard or mouse if needed. All purchases need to be approved by IT.

Laptop loans for off-campus student use

Student laptop loan program

Network drives missing

This article explains what to do when a network drive is missing from the file explorer on an employee device.

Printing FAQs

The answers to the most common questions on how to print from on-campus Ricoh Multifunction Devices (MFD).

Request new iPad

Submit a request for iPad to IT. All requests will be assessed on a case by case basis before new iPad can be issued.

Returning an employee laptop

Return employee laptops to the IT department at the service desk.

Scans folder not showing up in H: drive

The Scans folder does not appear in the H: drive, and needs to be restored by Langara IT Team

Student printing

Print from any lab computer and release from any Ricoh printer

Support for personal devices and computers

IT is not able to provide support for personal devices such as smartphones, laptops or tablets.

Unable to click icons or buttons in Citrix session

Attempt to sign out of current session using CTRL+ALT+DEL or clicking on the Start button

What to do with computer hardware when an employee transfers or leaves the college

What to do with computer equipment when an employee transfers departments or leaves the college