FAQ for desktop to laptop shift


The College is shifting all employees from desktops to laptops, which will be rolled out over the next three years.

The switch to laptops will occur during the replacement of old desktops.

Frequently Asked Questions

Equipment Information:

1. What equipment do employees receive?

  • 1 laptop
    • Microsoft Surface Pro for Faculty
    • Dell Latitude 7000 series for Staff/Faculty
    • Apple MacBook for Mac-centric departments
  • External monitors
    • A maximum of 2 monitors can be installed in the office
  • 1 laptop dock
  • 1 wired mice
  • 1 wired keyboards
  • 1 Webcam (optional, upon request)
  • 1 wired headset with mic (optional, upon request)
  • 1 set of external speakers (optional, upon request)

2. How often do laptops get replaced?

Laptops are eligible for replacement every 4 years. This program is called the "Evergreen Program." IT automatically replaces machines in order based on their age. Requests for evergreen will not be processed. If you have a problem with your current device, please submit a General Device Support service and a tech will troubleshoot it.

3. Do currently deployed desktops have more power than a laptop?

All Laptops purchased by IT have the same or better specs than currently deployed desktops

Following are the minimum specs of the laptop:

  • CPU: i5
  • RAM: 16GB
  • SSD: 256 GB

4. What if I need higher specs?

IT can order higher spec laptops when it is required to accomplish work objectives. Authorization is on a case-by-case basis from your Dean or Director or above. 

5. Can I keep my desktop in addition to having a laptop?

The College provides one computing device per employee. As part of the recent updates to the "Evergreen Program," all desktops will be replaced with the laptop device due to renewal. 

6. Can I keep a desktop instead of a Laptop?

All employees' desktops will be migrated to laptops. In exceptional cases, when a desktop is needed as part of the job requirements and clearly determined a laptop will not provide the necessary function, IT will provide a desktop instead of a laptop. This will not constitute a case for a "second" device but rather be recorded as the employee's work device. This will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

7. Can I have 2 laptops?

No, the College provides one device per employee.

8. Can I choose a MacBook instead of a PC Laptop?

MacBook laptops are provided only to departments delivering a Mac-centric curriculum or a job function requiring Mac-based software not available on a PC platform to complete their job functions.

9. I have an iMac in my office. Will this get replaced with a MacBook laptop?


10. Can I choose my laptop brand?

Employees will receive a College-approved standard laptop as indicated below:

  • Microsoft Surface Pro for Faculty
  • Dell Latitude 7000 series for Staff/Faculty
  • Apple MacBook (only for Mac-centric departments as per above)

11. Will IT support devices other than Langara-owned and deployed?

No, our IT department will only support those standardized IT issued devices.

12. Can I have a set of speakers?

IT will provide 1 set of speakers upon request

13. Can I have a Webcam?

IT will provide 1 webcam upon request. Be aware that all laptops come equipped with an internal webcam. We suggest trying it before requesting an external webcam.

14. Can I have an external microphone or an audio headset?

IT will provide 1 wired headset with microphone upon request. The standard model is Logitech H570e.

15. Can I have a wireless mouse and/or keyboard?

IT provides wired keyboard and mice only.

16. Can I have video adapters for the laptop?

IT will provide video adapters for Langara laptops to facilitate appropriate connection to the projector/display in the classrooms, lab or meeting rooms.

Currently a video adapter is needed only for Surface Pros since Dell laptops already have an HDMI port. IT will provide HDMI adapters for all Surface Pros.


Laptop Migration Information:

1. I already have a laptop. When will my office desktop be removed?

IT will start preparing the office for laptop usage at the end of July 2021. Employees who currently already have Langara laptops will be contacted directly by IT to arrange removal of the office desktop and installation of the docking station instead.

2. I currently don't have a laptop. When will I get one?

IT will be replacing desktop computers for employees with laptops over the next 3 years. Employees who do not have a Langara laptop will receive a laptop when their office desktop becomes eligible for a replacement.

3. Will IT help transfer data or software from the desktop before it is removed from the office?

IT can assist with the migration of data and software to the laptop before the desktop is removed.

4. Can I get a laptop before my desktop is up for evergreen?

If your computer is not working to your needs, notify IT using the General Device Support service, and IT will troubleshoot it. If IT cannot get it working to your needs then they will replace with a new device.


Miscellaneous Questions:

1. Will IT support the installation of personal peripheral drivers?

IT supports Langara-provided equipment only. Personal devices or installation of personal devices are not supported.

2. Can I install my software on the laptop?

Only Langara purchased and approved software can be installed on the laptop.

3. My desktop is not working correctly. Can I request a laptop instead?

If your desktop is not yet ready for renewal, and you don't have a college issued standard laptop device, IT will troubleshoot the desktop and try to fix it. If IT is unable to fix it, they will replace it with a laptop.


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