Laptop Loans for Off-Campus Student Use

Who can request this service



30 laptops are available to be borrowed for a semester at a time. There is no charge to borrow a laptop, however photo ID (Student ID or government ID) and a student number must be provided when picking up the computer. 

Students are responsible for returning the laptop in the condition that it was lent in. If the laptop is returned damaged, the price of repairing the damage will be charge to the student.  

The laptops available for borrowing will contain basic software (browsers, Office 365). 

NOTE: All laptops while loaned are bound by the Langara Computing Policy

NOTE: These laptops are loaned as is and any request for modifications (new or updated hardware or software) will not be considered. 

Before you make request

Laptop lending will occur on a first come first serve basis.

To borrow a laptop, please proceed in person to the Check Out Desk in the Library.

For more information contact the Langara Library Circulation Desk at 604.323.5462.

After you make request

If you have borrowed a laptop from the library and you encounter an issue with it, please bring it to the Service Desk and a technician will help you.



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Mon 5/9/22 12:06 PM
Mon 3/27/23 8:00 AM
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Requesting the Service
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