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Access to shared calendar resources

This article describes the process to follow when requesting access to a shared calendar in Office 365.

Alumni access to student email

As of Fall 2019 and the switch to Office 365 for students, email access is only retained for three semesters after course completion.

Backup O365 email and OneDrive files locally

How to save personal data from Office 365.

Check Langara student email

Log into Office 365 and access your Outlook inbox

Emeritus/Emerita email

Instructors that receive the Emeritus/Emerita designation will be allow to keep their Langara email, but the email will be purged on their retirement date before it is returned to the instructor.

Folder from shared mailbox doesn't show up in Outlook

Force Outlook to download your shared mailbox folders if they aren't showing up properly.

Forward Langara-provided student email to a personal email account

Use the Forwarding option in Office 365 to forward to a personal email address.

Manage shared mailbox ownership

Owners can assign permission by logging into OWA and viewing the mailbox settings.

Outlook calendar sync issue

Outlook Calendar is not syncing properly, delete the profile and add it back

Outlook: Cannot expand the folder

Delete the profile through Control Panel and re-added

OWA (Outlook Web Access) combines words when writing emails

Use the Settings within OWA to disable the suggest words or phrases as I type option.

Request new MS Bookings

Microsoft Bookings is a web-based appointment scheduling tool available upon request to full-time staff and faculty.

Send As Shared Mailbox

Sending on behalf of another account.

Setup Office 365 email on iPhone or iPad

Use the Settings app to configure your Office 365 account and employee email on your iOS device

Student Email

Your student email is important - this is what it is used for and how to access it.

Web Outlook (OWA) - Error downloading the file content

Users may be intermittently unable to download attachments or view embedded images in Outlook on the web