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"Sorry I did not get your passcode" When attempting to access Voicemail

Receive the error "Sorry, I did not get your passcode" when trying access voicemail on your phone

Check Your Voicemail

How to access your voicemail from a remote phone.

Dialing from a Deskphone

How to dial internal and externally from the college.

How to connect Langara phone back at office

As part of COVID-19, some people were authorized to use their Langara phone off-site. When the phone is brought back to the office, follow the instructions below on how to delete Teleworker setting on the phone. Once the Teleworker setting is deleted, the phone can be used in the office.

Langara Phone locals and extensions

Langara uses 604-323-5xxx and extensions 2xxx and 3xxx for its telephone system

Message light blinks but there is no voicemail

Mitel phones have a 'call me back' feature which will initiate the blinking message light even though there is no voicemail message.

Mitel callback Voicemail feature

Mitel IP phones offer two different ways to leave callback messages

Phone calls go to voicemail directly

When Do Not Disturb (DND) mode on phone is enabled, phone calls will be redirected to voicemail right away. You can enable or disable this feature from the phone.

Request to move phone extension to new location

This article gives you the necessary information that you will require when submitting a request to move a phone extension/local to a different phone in a different location.