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As faxing over analogue and digital phone lines becomes ever more challenging and fax machines become harder to support, the college is transitioning to using eFax.  This service provides the same functionality as faxing but does so via an email client or web interface.


If you have any questions or wish to transition to this service, you can submit a request here: Service - General Phone and Voicemail... (teamdynamix.com)
Be sure to specify "eFax" in the title of the request.

If you are using the service, it works basically as follows:

  1. If you are using a non-shared account, simply open Outlook as that account, in the To field, enter the full 10-digit fax number of the destination followed by efaxsend.ca.
    e.g. 16049876543@efaxsend.ca
    For shared accounts, follow the process as outlined in the following article to send as the appropriate account: Article - Send As Shared Mailbox (teamdynamix.com)
  2. By default, the subject line and body of the email will appear as the cover page of the fax.  Attachments will appear as subsequent pages.

You can also send directly through eFax as well as leverage different options through the following URL: https://www.efaxcorporate.com/myaccount/internet_fax_login, once you have an account.

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