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Disable App Lock in Microsoft Authenticator on iPhones

Unlock the Authenticator and Disable App Lock in the Settings menu

Enable first time student 2FA phone call authentication

How to set up phone call as 2FA authentication method

Enable first time student 2FA SMS authentication

How to set up SMS as 2FA authentication method

Removing existing sign-in method for authenticator app

When you have an existing sign-in method in your authenticator app which was incorrectly registered or expired, you can follow this article to remove it from your authenticator app so that you can register it again.

Set up 2FA using the Microsoft Authenticator application

How to set up 2-factor authentication with the Microsoft Authenticator app

The Outlook Phish Alert Button - What it is and how to use it

This article serves as a reference point for people to understand the purpose of the Phish Alert Button and where it can be found in Outlook across different interfaces.

Transfer 2FA Authentication to your new phone

How to setup 2FA on a new phone.