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Everything you need to know about the College's shift from desktops to laptops.
Go to the U-Pass site and enter your email address:
Why Zoom may send old meeting invites and how to prevent it.
This article gives you the necessary information that you will require when submitting a request to move a phone extension/local to a different phone in a different location.
As part of COVID-19, some people were authorized to use their Langara phone off-site. When the phone is brought back to the office, follow the instructions below on how to delete Teleworker setting on the phone. Once the Teleworker setting is deleted, the phone can be used in the office.
Microsoft Bookings is a web-based appointment scheduling tool available upon request to full-time staff and faculty.
The Language setting for the online version of Office 365 can only be changed from the general settings and not the profile settings.
Log into Office 365 and access your Outlook inbox
As of Fall 2019 and the switch to Office 365 for students, email access is only retained for three semesters after course completion.