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Student Information System (SIS)

The Student Information System (SIS) is used to manage your course registrations. It can also be used to get information regarding your Computer User ID (CUID) and Langara provided Office 365 email account. You log into it using your nine digit Langara ID number (provided when you register at the College) as well as a PIN (password). This PIN is a separate password from the Computer User ID/email password, and is given when you register.

If you cannot log into the Student Information System, as a student you can do the following:

NOTE: If you are an International Student and used an agent to register at Langara, we strongly recommend removing your agent's email from your account and set up your own alternate email address, see Related Articles section.

Computer User ID (CUID)

Your Computer User ID is used to sign into Langara owned Mac computers, printers, and myFiles (online file management). This is the first part of your Langara provided email address, and is typically your first initial, your full last name, and two numbers, e.g jsmith99. You can find your Computer User ID in the Student Information System under the Change Login Profile - Maintain Computer User ID page. This account shares a password with your Langara provided Office 365 email account, and must be actvated before you can use it.

TIP: To activate your CUID or change your CUID and email password, refer to the Related Articles section.

Office 365 Email

Your Langara provided Office 365 email is used to sign into Langara owned Windows computers and is where you receive important course emails and other College information. This is your similar to your Computer User ID, but has added to the end of it, e.g. can find your email address in the Student Information System under the Change Login Profile - Maintain Computer User ID page with your Computer User ID.

NOTE: As stated above, your email shares its password with your Computer User ID, and it is activated at the same time.


The eduroam and eduroam5GHz WiFi networks are available on campus for students to connect to. They are secured networks meaning that each device will need to be set up with a certificate. In order to set up this certificate, you will need to have some form of network connection or data and then visit Once on this site, you will see device-specific instructions which you can follow to get set up. Typically this will involve downloading a file, running the file, and then logging in with your Office 365 email credentials.

Assuming you have already created your Office 365 email password, you can:

  • Install the certificates from home: visit on the device you will be using on campus, and then follow the instructions on the site. Once you have done this, you should be able to connect to either of the eduroam networks on campus, assuming they do not automatically connect
  • Install the certificates on campus: as mentioned you will need to have network connection in order to install the certificate. For phones that have data you will be able to directly go to and follow the steps there. For laptops and tablets you either need to connect to the Langara WiFI network temporarily or use a hotspot and then visit

Please see the Related Articles section for articles with more specific instructions for each device (such as a MacBook or Android).


Brightspace is where you can find your course materials and content. You log into it using your Langara provided email address. Access to Brightspace is not available until the beginning of the semester, and courses will not appear until the first day of class at the earliest. If any of your classes are missing please reach out to your instructor for help.

As a general rule, if you are experiencing issues with Brightspace (apart from logging in) it is best to reach out to your instructor for help.

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Student Information System (SIS)
Computer User ID (CUID)
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