Computer accounts for UNBC MBA / Social Work students


UNBC teaches their MBA program out of Langara classrooms. There are two cohorts (year one and two) that operate out of Langara.

While the instructors use generic accounts - see this article - students log in using Eduroam.

Generic printing accounts will be created via the following standard: UNBC + MBA or SW + 2 digit year + 4 digit number. For example: UNBCMBA19-0001 or UNBCSW19-0001

Students are to be added to the UNBC-Students group for printing.

Initial credit on Student accounts is $10. If the accounts run out of credit then they would have to buy credit from Bookstore or Library

All the accounts will be active for 2 years which is the full duration of the program. Only new students will require new accounts at the start of the program.


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