Request an Employee Laptop

What Is It?

Langara provides all employees with a laptop to enable them to carry out their duties.

Following are the standard laptop models and peripherals that can be requested from IT:

  • One laptop
    • Microsoft Surface Pro for Faculty
    • Dell Latitude 7000 series for Staff/Faculty
    • Apple MacBook for Staff/Faculty in Mac-centric departments
  • External monitors
    • A maximum of 2 monitors can be installed in the office
  • One laptop dock
  • One wired mice
  • One wired keyboards
  • One Webcam (optional, upon request)
  • One set of external speakers (optional, upon request)

See following FAQ for more information. 

TIP - If you are looking to request an iPad, please follow the direction in this article. You will need to log in with your email account to see the article.

Who Is Eligible to Use It?

Staff and Faculty

Where Can I Get It?

Submit request by clicking on the Request A Laptop button above. Laptop delivery will be arranged with the tech building your laptop.

Request new laptop General Laptop Request Support


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Mon 9/12/22 8:09 AM
The constituents for whom the service is available (e.g., students, faculty, staff).
Faculty, Staff
Any prerequisites for using the service (e.g., approvals, training, compliance requirements, and other services).
Active Employment
Requesting the Service
Instructions for requesting the service (e.g., a link to a request form or contact information).
Click on the Request a Laptop button above

Service Offerings (2)

Request an Employee Laptop
All Langara laptops needs to be purchased through IT and follow IT standards.
General Laptop Request Support
If you haven't found the service that you want, you can submit a General Laptop Request Support ticket.