Request increase to J: drive quota


Most departments have 100GB of network storage:

  • Windows
    • J:\ drive
  • Mac

This drive is designated for currently used files only. It should not be used for archiving or for non-work files.

If you require additional storage space, see the Solution below.


NOTE: IT cannot monitor storage space, each department must track usage of their network storage.

If you find yourself running out of space on your J drive folder, please search for larger or older files which no longer are needed by your department and remove them to free up needed space.

To request additional storage space on your J: drive, provide the following information:

  1. A business case or reason for the request. Keep in mind the following: 
  2. The amount of additional space needed. This can be represented as a percentage (eg. 50% increase) or as a figure (eg. additional 20GB)
  3. The exact path of the J: drive folder you are having quota issues with (ie: J:\it).

Submit your request using the Ask IT form:


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