Request Computer Accessories for Office Work


Langara IT provides additional computer equipment for employees working on campus.

The following computer accessories are available for office use.

  • LCD computer monitors
    • Up to 2 monitors can be installed in one location
    • Up to 3 monitors can be requested per employee for use on campus and at home (i.e. If you ask for two monitors for your on-campus office, then you will only be able to request one additional monitor for home use)
  • One laptop dock
  • One wired mice
  • One wired keyboard
  • Ergonomic keyboard/mouse *requires official ergonomic assessment
  • One webcam
  • One set of external speakers
  • One wired USB headset with mic
  • Cables and adapters (subject to stock availability) 

Before you make a request

Determine all equipment you would like to request, and have a valid ergonomic assessment for any ergonomic requests (assessments expire after 1 year)

After you make a request

You will receive an email notification from the email system with a ticket number for reference.  You may reply to the email if you have any further details or questions.
Upon completion of the request, you will receive an email from IT requesting that you confirm all is as requested.

Request computer accessories


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