Class not showing in Brightspace


Most courses offered at Langara have an online component available on Brightspace, and each Brightspace section is managed by the instructor for that course.

Solution (If appropriate)

CAUTION: If there is an online component to the course, it will not appear in Brightspace until the first day of the term.  If the new term hasn't started yet, you will not see your course in Brightspace

If you are not seeing your course in Brightspace, check the following:

  • Check with your instructor to see if they are using Brightspace for the course this term. Not all courses have an online component
  • Check that you are registered in the course by logging into the Student Information System
  • Confirm with other students in the same course if they can see it
  • Check with the Registrar's Office if you think you may have a duplicate Langara ID. This duplicate ID could be inadvertently linked to the Brightspace section


Course is not showing alongside others in Brightspace.


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