Missing J: drive folder access


J:\ drive is a network drive used to store department folders and files. Departments can have a number of folders with different levels of access. By default most employees will have access to a generic folder for their department. To gain access to other folders requires authorization. In addition to department file storage J:\ drive is also where the Scan-2-Network folder resides, which is where anything that is scanned to a network location on one of the Ricoh multi-function devices is deposited. 


If you find that you have lost access to resources on the J:\ drive first try to reset your Computer User ID (CUID) password. You can do this by going to the IT Service Desk in the Library or by following the directions in the "Change computer user ID password" article found in "Related Articles."

If that does not fix the problem then you will need to have your supervisor/manager submit a fresh request for J:\ drive access as per the "Request J drive network access" article found in "Related Articles."


  • J:\ drive folders that were previously accessible have disappeared.
  • Lost J:\ drive folders
  • Missing J:\ Drive
  • No Access to network folder


  • Changing departments or even positions can result in the loss of department controlled J:\ drive folders.
  • eDir CUID Password and Active Directory CUID Password get out of sync


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