Workday access to T4 tax forms and pay stubs for former employees


When an employee is officially terminated in Workday, such as if let go or retired, they are emailed new login credentials to continue accessing the system in a limited capacity. The limited access is permanent, allowing the employee to continue to access their paystubs.

The new credentials are emailed to the personal (non-Langara) email address of the former employee one day after their last day of work. If the new login credentials are not received, such as in the event their was no personal email address on file, you can submit a Workday Support Request.

NOTE: An employee whose position has merely ended, rather than let go or resigned, does not get terminated in Workday and thus no change in access occurs.


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Thu 8/26/21 2:48 PM
Thu 3/3/22 4:27 PM
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