2FA Authenticator Token

Who can request this service?

Employees only


In order to access various systems such as Office 365 and Workday employees are required to perform two-factor authentication. This is generally done using an authentication app on a mobile device. In the rare instance where this is not possible and you need to access the systems before you are able to get access to the authenticator app, you can request an authenticator token. This is a small device about the size of a car key fob that will provide you with the 2FA code you need to resolve 2FA challenges when logging into various Langara systems.

If you are in urgent need to access a 2FA protected system and are unable to use the authenticator app, please click on the Request a Token button and fill out the token request form.

Every token request is evaluated based on need and IT will make every effort to get you working on the authenticator app before approving the provision of a token. 

Before you make request

Ensure that you have an active contract before submitting your request.

After you make request

You will receive an email once the token is ready for pick up at the IT Service Desk in the Library.

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click on the Request a Token button and fill out the token request form
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If you are looking to return a token please review this article.

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2FA Token Request
Langara requires you to 2FA (two-factor authentication) to many of its services to protect your information and your account from being misused. While using an authenticator app is the officially supported method for performing 2FA, situations can arise where you do not have access to the app.
General Token Support
If you haven't found the service that you want, you can submit a General Token Support ticket.