Employee ID Card


The Langara Employee ID Card is a one-card solution that offers various benefits and features. With it, you can:

  • tap enter different campus buildings and facilities where tap access is enabled;
  • log in and use the multi-functional printer devices across the campus;
  • borrow books and media from the Library;
  • borrow equipment from AV Services;
  • prove that you are a Langara employee.

Before you make a request

Take a selfie or have a recent ID photo ready for submission. Make sure that the picture meets the following requirements.

  • Must reflect your current appearance
  • Taken front-on in portrait orientation (that is vertical and not at an angle)
  • Clearly show your face (i.e. not hats, sunglasses, or shadows obscuring your appearance)
  • Taken against a neutral background with no other visible people or objects in the frame
  • In colour, not black and white
  • A passport-style picture is usually a safe bet, but you can smile
  • Images with the following file formats are accepted: JPEG, JPG, PNG*

*If you are taking a selfie on an iPhone, you may need to change the Camera Capture format under Settings from High Efficiency (HEIC) to Most Compatible (JPG).

After you make a request

You will be notified via the ticket once your card has been printed. Our technicians may get in touch if additional information is required or if there is an issue with your request.

If you experience access control issues (i.e. you cannot tap your card to unlock specific areas of the College where you have authorised access), please contact the Facilities department as they are responsible for provisioning physical access on campus.

Request Employee ID Card


Service ID: 1577
Thu 7/29/21 11:34 AM
Fri 7/29/22 4:50 PM
The constituents for whom the service is available (e.g., students, faculty, staff).
Faculty, Staff
Any prerequisites for using the service (e.g., approvals, training, compliance requirements, and other services).
You must be a current Langara employee.
You must submit an ID picture that meets the photo guidelines.
Requesting the Service
Instructions for requesting the service (e.g., a link to a request form or contact information).
Complete and submit the Employee ID Card Request Form.