Connect to Citrix environment through browser


Install latest version of Citrix Workspace App (formerly called Receiver)
Sign in with your Computer User ID (CUID) and do not select remember password - if prompted ALWAYS select "Sign in as different user"

NOTE: Always enter your credentials, never use saved or cached credentials to log in to Storefront


Installing Citrix Worksapce App

  1. If this is the first time you are connecting to Citrix, install the latest version of Citrix Workspace App (formerly called Receiver)

Connecting to Citrix

  1. Open preferred Web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc)
  2. In the address bar, enter
    • On Campus -
    • Off 
    • if a screen showing "Detect Receiver" shows and you want to install it (if for some reason step 1 didn't work) - click Detect Receiver
      • This part may require you to agree, download and install Receiver (this will install an older version of workspace app)
    • If you would prefer using the light version which has less options but also less issues - click Use Light Version <- this method is suggested if having issues
  3.  Enter your username (CUID) and related password and click Log on
  4. One logged in, you can launch your designated desktop
  5. Once you are finished and have logged of of your desktop, you should sign out of storefront at the top right under your account name
  6. The screen will then bring you to a page with the "Remember my logon method" checked - always uncheck this
  7.  The next time you navigate to or you should see an option to "switch to username and password" - always click this
  8. Enter your username and password (CUID) at the next screen
  9. You should always have to enter your username and password, it should not be saved or cached, this will lead to sometimes seeing an additional logging prompt


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